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Alternative Shopping - Get the Insiders Perspective! - Says Dehouche

Think of shopping in Brazil and your mind tends to turn to São Paulo. There’s no denying that São Paulo abounds with designer boutiques, but if you’re looking for something a little more unusual, you might find yourself better off taking a tip from locally based luxury travel experts Dehouche and straying away from the more popular beachside districts of Copacabana and Ipanema in the direction of Santa Teresa. For some members of the Dehouche team shopping is not simply a past time, but a passion and they’ve certainly done their homework.

Dehouche suggest taking the yellow tram from Rio’s business district across the famous former aqueduct or ‘arches of Lapa’ and so your journey to another era begins. The neighborhood of Santa Teresa itself does not disappoint; a labyrinth of cobbled streets and colonial mansions, once home to Rio’s gentry, Santa is nowadays home to a large number of Rio’s artists, not to mention an abundance of excellent restaurants and bars, whose patrons spill out onto the streets, the sound of their chatter mixed with the unmistakable ‘lament’ of the cavaquinho.

In July each year many of these artists open their doors to the public and it’s a chance not only to snoop inside and marvel at the décor of their magnificent residences, but to meet their artists themselves, discover the story behind the pieces and even purchase the artwork itself. Want to know exactly when this year’s event will be held? You’d better ask inside experts Dehouche.

All year round Santa Teresa is home to many unusual boutiques, often staffed by the designers themselves and selling one off pieces at tempting prices. However, if you want to know where amongst the endless winding streets you’ll find these places, which are often hidden behind the façade of a house, again you’ll have to ask Dehouche.

Santa Teresa’s claim as the bohemian capital of Brazil is perhaps only rivaled by that of its neighbor, Lapa, sitting at the bottom of the hill and better known for it’s vibrant nightlife. Nevertheless, Lapa also has a day job and on the first Saturday of every month holds a colorful street market of antiques and curiosities, interspersed with tempting culinary delights and of course, live music.

Let Dehouche take care of your luxury holiday to Brazil and you’ll receive all these tips and more; leave the outdated guidebook at home, safe in the knowledge that Dehouche will provide you with up to the minute personalized recommendations and a full time concierge for free as part of the perks for booking your vacation or honeymoon with the local experts.

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