Thursday, October 7, 2010

How to Set up a Link Wheel?

Currently, there are many different types of individuals that make use of various schemes as a means of ensuring that their website can do very well in a search engine. One such type of techniques that is used by many is the link wheel. Here is the great one of the greatest schemes to get backlinks as each of the websites that are being used in the construction of such a link wheel are displayed on different C class IP addresses. Consider the following example. And Here both the address are located on different D addresses which is of no use whereas And is located on different C class IP addresses which can help the link wheels.

When you decide to go ahead and start building any such a type of link wheel, what you have to remember is that it is best you start with any types of those website that have a very good relevancy in the world of web 2.0. Always it is best that you create a website that is within the very same niche. Once you have managed to make web 2.0 pages such as Squidoo or Hub pages, what you have to remember is that you have to go ahead and create some type of content for the website. If you created an article at Squidoo, the next thing that you would have to do is to go and create another page at hub pages or vice versa. Now comes that very important part of you having to interlink these two pages together. Now what you will have is two pages on the internet with one page linking to the next. The next thing that you can do is to either completely close the link or continue building more pages like this. Everyone has a different opinion on which is the better of the two alternatives. If you are planning on going on and closing your link wheel, what you have to remember is that all that is left is for you to go ahead and link it back to the main site. In other words, you have gone ahead and created a wheel that links on and on.

Instead of simply going ahead and closing the wheel, another special option that you can choose is to go ahead and continue the wheel. This is very essential as you will now be creating multiple websites that now link to each other, with the first website linking to your hub pages page. Building such types of links is very vital and important as you can be sure that your overall backlink value tremendously

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