Monday, February 7, 2011

How Google rates the Links and Link Building?

We learned from Google’s patent application last year that Google was changing how they rate links. This didn’t get nearly the attention that I think it deserves and it’s important so I am going to recap the info again now.

Not every link is weighted or valued the same. Google is weighting them based on how likely a “reasonable surfer” would be to click on that link.

To try to figure this out, Google is looking at 2 things:

• link visibility (placement and appearance)

• link relevance

So, no more small text links in footers, no more links buried in comment spam, no more link exchanges where your link sites on a link page with a bunch of others. You need quality links that stand out and are likely to get the click. (Hear that link spammers, no need to keep emailing to ask for link exchanges!)

Linking methods that are no longer effective:

• Forum posting and blog commenting. (Still do it to add value to a conversation and help people but don’t count on link juice from it)

• Social bookmarking. It’s still a helpful resource so use it to be helpful but don’t count on link juice from this.

• Bulk directory submission. This has been a bad idea for a while but it’s worth repeating.

• Bulk link exchange. Bad idea and could result in penalties or being banned from the engines.

Linking methods that are effective:

• Guest blogging. Great way to get exposure for yourself and get a high quality link back to your site.

• Link baiting. This means just putting great content out there that acts as bait and people can’t resist linking to it. The content has to be really good and it really needs to be spread around.

• Press releases. With some effort and some luck, you can get a quality link from big media.

• Social Media. As I mentioned earlier in this article, you can attract links via Twitter (and Facebook).

• Article Syndication. A great way to spread your content (but it has to be good)

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