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Brazil Amazon Rainforest Luxury Honeymoon by Dehouche Travel

You will start the honeymoon by heading down the coast to the Costa Verde, part of Brazil where the rainforest meets the beach. You stay in the fishing village of Picinguaba in a pousada run by a Frenchman who really knows how to provide the best service and make and allow for truly amazing Honeymoon experiences. Days are spent on the many superb beaches and islands of the area accessed by boat and jeep. There is never a shortage of things to do: amazing jungle treks, waterfalls, chilling out in refreshing natural pools or enjoying the sunset at a beach restaurant on one of the many desert islands.

You will then return to Rio de Janeiro, Latin America’s most exciting city. You stay in a luxury boutique hotel set in an exclusive hillside neighborhood where you have our favourite suite; beautifully decorated with a veranda that enjoys an unparalleled view of the lagoon and Christ the Redeemer. The staffs here are excellent and the pousada wonderfully furnished and luxurious with beautiful communal areas and a pool for you to unwind beside - the perfect base for the Rio de Janeiro leg of your honeymoon.

Perhaps the planet’s last great wilderness, everyone talks about the Amazon, its importance to our survival and the dangers it faces, but very few people have actually been there to really see and feel this incredible place; and it will be the final destination for your honeymoon in Brazil. At the Obidos Narrows in the Andes the river is 2km wide, at its mouth its banks are further apart than London and Paris. At any one moment the Amazon River basin contains a staggering one fifth of the world’s fresh water. Every day fishermen in the Amazon pull out fish never before seen by scientists. There are over a thousand tributaries to this great river, many larger than the Mississippi. Your jungle lodge is built on the Rio Negro river system, where you have a villa set in the grounds. You have free access to all the lodge’s facilities and activities (done in small groups) including boat trips to see the pink river dolphins, local indigenous villages, treks into the jungle (including a night out in the rainforest) and kayaking, piranha fishing trips etc, ensuring you get to fully participate in the breathtaking surroundings. This will be quite a finale to an amazing Brazilian Honeymoon!

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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