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Take a trip on the wild side with Dehouche

For many people a visit to a country isn’t complete without taking in some of the country’s natural wonders and a spot of wildlife spotting. Especially for busy city dwellers, what better escape from the daily grind than a few days in a remote lodge (preferably far from mobile masts and WiFi), watching Mother Nature go about her millennial routine in one of the world’s remaining great wildernesses? Number one South American authority and luxury travel obsessive’s Dehouche specialize in fabulous luxury Honeymoons and family holidays, right across the continent and will usually recommend guests spend some time in the great outdoors on one of their exclusive tailor made itineraries.

Most ‘package’ tours to Brazil traditionally sent their tourists off on a well worn route between the Amazon and the Iguaçu falls, but from the Flamingos on Bolivia’s salt flats, to jaguars in Brazil’s interior, South America has a lot more to offer, and finding just the right region let alone accommodation can be even more of an arduous task than picking the perfect safari lodge in Africa. This is why Dehouche Travel is based in South America the team at this progressive company are continually researching and updating their recommendations to reflect the absolute pinnacle of luxury travel across the Latin American continent.

The Amazon is often top of many travelers’ list, largely because they’ve heard of it, and whilst the region has certainly been the backdrop to some truly memorable adventures, it is also a very long way away from anywhere (5 hours in a jet from Rio de Janeiro) and the ‘luxury’ lodges tend to be huge tourist machines, a million miles from the remote yet sophisticated tree house of the brochure, not to mention the most exciting creature you’re likely to see is the spider in your bathroom – the monkeys, parrots, anacondas etc. are there, just fiendishly difficult to spot in the thick vegetation of a rainforest, if it’s actually wildlife you are after, it’s best to look elsewhere. Dehouche like to steer their clients instead to one of the continent’s great wetlands, positively teeming with all manner of beast and fowl, not mention a considerably more tempting range of lodging options to come back to and lay down your binoculars at the end of the day.

Brazil’s Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland, and the only place in Brazil with a real chance of seeing Jaguars (be warned they are still very rare though), Dehouche clients fly in by light aircraft to a private fazenda in a spectacular spot in the bend of a river, being friends with the owners means guests are treated more like welcome house guests, but the service and food is still streets ahead of the bigger lodges. Aside from the abundant nature on your doorstep – giant river otters can be seen fishing at the bottom of the garden, and rhea freely wander the immediate grounds of the farmhouse – this is one of the best lodges to spot jaguars, the owner personally photographs and keeps track of all of the individual cats in the surrounding territory, as part of an ongoing conservation project. The surroundings are that of gorgeous wilderness and provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic Honeymoon in Brazil.

As Luck would have it the world’s second largest wetland is also to be found in South America, the northern tip of Argentina is home to the Esteros del Ibera, a literal birding paradise (some 350 species), and last refuge for many of Argentina’s endangered species. Again a light aircraft is the order of the day to penetrate right into the heart of the wetlands, for those heading from the north you can even take in the Iguaçu falls from the air on the way – spectacular! Finally it’s also one of the most exciting fly-fishing spots on the continent, home to the much sought after Golden Dorado, prized for its aggressive fighting on the line, anglers fly to the region from all over the world for the chance to fish them, some of which can way up to 25 pounds. Dehouche arrange complete fishing trips, with local bilingual guides to make sure you have the best chance of landing one (or several). So whatever else you do in South America whether it’s the beaches of Brazil or the steak houses of Buenos Aires, do make sure to take in one of the great areas of wilderness which will provide many lifelong memories from your Honeymoon or holiday vacation in Latin America, oh, and don’t forget to contact the experts at Dehouche to make sure you get the best of the best.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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