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How to create a perfect Honeymoon in Brazil by Dehouche Travel

You will begin your honeymoon in Fernando de Noronha, which is an island paradise 330km off the northeast coast of Brazil. UNESCO have measured the air here as the second purest in the world after the Arctic. With its crystal-clear water (visibility up to 52m & average water temperature of 24°C) and rich marine life, the archipelago is a paradise for snorkelers and scuba-divers, offering a huge choice of exciting dives for all levels. This important marine sanctuary is truly one of the most special places on the planet, and it remains still undiscovered by mass tourism. You stay in one of just 8 luxury private chalets with a Jacuzzi on the balcony and a beautiful view to the bay, a very romantic setting for the start of your honeymoon.

When you wake on your first morning there will be a beach buggy waiting in the car park; this will enable you to explore the island at your leisure. Some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world are at the end of the island’s dusty tracks, many of which are deserted and you will have to yourself; some have a wooden shack selling coconuts, beer and caipirinhas and there are few other people. The island social scene is easy to get involved in if you want to. It ranges from excellent restaurants with cracking sea views to full moon parties on the beach. Pousada Maravilha the exclusive boutique hotel is an absolute favorite and has a staff of 45 looking after a maximum of 22 guests – get ready to be pampered! - Truly the most idyllic place to begin your dream honeymoon.

Next, you will return to the mainland to spend a few days in Olinda. Set on a hill overlooking the sea and a large bay, this is Brazil’s best preserved colonial town where you’ll have a chance to experience the colour the African influence brings to Brazil’s North East. The town is truly delightful to explore; cobbled streets lined with historic but well kept buildings lead to fascinating shops and some exquisite restaurants. As you might expect of a town encircled by palm trees and chilled with a refreshing sea breeze, the locals are laid back and the pace of life is slow.

Your hotel here is a real gem, with beautiful antique furniture and four-poster beds. Set on a bluff overlooking the sea, it also enjoys excellent views across the town. The next morning your local guide Joao will return to give you a tour of Recife’s stunning old town and Olinda’s splendid colonial churches, and to introduce you to some of the local characters as well.

Finally, you head south to Rio de Janeiro, South America’s most exciting city. Here you will stay in a luxury boutique hotel set in an exclusive hillside neighborhood where you have a beautifully decorated suite with a veranda that commands panoramic views of the sea; this is arguably the most spectacular room in Rio. This is a very different experience from the large chain hotels on the beachfront - the staffs here are excellent and the hotel is immaculate and luxurious with beautiful communal areas and a pool for you to relax by. Despite being based in a city the secluded but easily accessible location means that you have the peace, quiet and exclusivity usually associated with more rural locations; monkeys can often be seen swinging in the trees that surround the hotel whilst breakfast can be enjoyed outside on the stunning veranda, which also provides breathtaking views.

Although a 15 minute taxi ride from the most famous beach areas, the hotel is close to one of Rio’s hidden secrets, a small beach that is sheltered by a cliff face and is rapidly becoming the beach to be seen at for fashionable cariocas.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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