Friday, July 30, 2010

5 ways to give your website an SEO boost! - IndSEO

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and work in order to make a real difference. This article is just to give you a jumping off point and to give you some ideas to improve the SEO on your website.

1. Search engines love text. Make sure your web pages are optimized using keywords & phrases specific to your business in the content of the page. Avoid keyword stuffing (having a large number of keywords all over your page). Your site will be penalized by Google for this. Keyword density should be somewhere between 3%-5%. The way to figure this out is:

Keyword Density Percentage = Number of Primary Keywords / Total Word Count x 100

2. Build links to your site. You can submit your business info to many directories online. Get a listing on internet yellow pages., & are some examples of the internet yellow page directories. There are several other websites you can get listed on as well including-, local chamber of commerce website & yahoo.dir. These are a great place to start.

3. Optimize your Title Tag using keywords specific to that page. Your Title Tag is the first (and often only) line of text a person will read when click on a search result. 65 characters is all you have to work with. Make them count! This helps with you On-Page SEO.

If your company is well-known, using your company name as your title is the best course of action. However, for the rest of us, using descriptive words would be better. Examples of this are: “Real Estate – Ann Arbor, MI” using place name in order to rank higher within local SEO or using your business name after the description, helping to brand your business “Internet Marketing Company | Indigo Media Consulting”.

4. Blog! Blogs are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website. You can sign up on websites such as for free or you can add a blog sub-domain ex. or

5. The Description Meta Tag sits directly below your title tag on a search engine result page. 150 characters is all you have to describe your business. Make them count! The Description tag is another area that will help with On-Page SEO.

The best way to use this space is to give a brief idea of what your company is about. If you are a Real Estate company (sticking with the theme), it’s important to build trust with your clients. Information about how long you’ve been in business is a great way to make people feel comfortable. It may be a client that is looking for Commercial Real don’t want to limit yourself to just Commercial but entering Commercial | Residential | Lot or Land, would be a great way to get all 3 services and not take up as much space describing them all.

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  4. Great tips. There are definitely more things you can do for seo, but the 5 you chose are a must! I know every seo company I've worked with has used these strategies and you should too.