Friday, July 16, 2010

How To Make A Link Page And Outbound Link Structure

This is a serious query, which comes in mind of every SEO, link building company and webmaster’s that how much link page should be on their site or what’s the most effective means of giving outbound link. Each body needs links and to induce it one has to administer back some thing in come unless your contents are so sensible that the site is voluntarily linked by others. To relinquish back link you need some link page or some other approach of giving outbound links. What method should be adopted for outbound links structuring. In my opinion you’ll adopt following:

1. The best manner to relinquish outbound link is to grant links inside the content page as it’s most helpful for users who read your web site contents. This method of linking is natural and long lasting as search engines wish that the pages ought to be made for users and not for the search engines.

2. You’ll be able to create 4 to 6 resources pages but every page should be on explicit theme and object of the page ought to match the theme of your site. In such a means you may give the users additional connected resources on same topic at one place. It can help you in making an authority page.

3. You can additionally adopt the traditional style which is used in analysis papers plus books conjointly where links are given at the end of the page referred to as more references and resources. It gives more information to the users concerning any explicit topic so enriching their information more. There are many alternative ways that of creating link page but the foremost common is to possess a protracted page with huge list of sites on one single page and linking every site with its title or optimized anchor text without having any relevance between the sites. Such pages never bring traffic rather we have a tendency to just create it solely for search engines, that is little question a Spam. Google mentioned in its SEO pointers “Make pages for users, not for search engines “. Search engines are well tuned in to such kind of link pages and are positively to be treated by search engines as “Link Farm” and can be penalized.

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