Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Secret Weapon of SEO

To have higher chances of your video ranking in the search engines for your keyword, put your keyword in the title of the video, and then put all related keywords in the tags. Even you, you would rather watch a video about using video marketing to increase traffic to your site than read through this whole article.

After writing the articles, submit them to article directories. Now, instead of submitting your articles manually, some people recommend using article submission services or software. They can easily submit your content to hundreds, if not thousands, of article directories with just a few clicks of a button.

Even you, you would rather watch a video about using video marketing to increase traffic to your site than read through this whole article. However, it is not conclusive to say that advertising using videos never fails. Since it is very easy and everybody can do it, competition is much stiffer. Let\'s say, for example, you want to advertise your car retail business. Now, imagine how many people have the same business as you have and, also, how many of these people know how or can hire somebody to make a video advertisement for them? Thus, even if videos are very effective means of advertising, you should keep in mind that it is how you advertise that makes a big difference whether or not you get a lot of traffic to your website.

Each of these third party services don't set prices based purely on follower counts, but also on follower quality. Tweets on accounts with a large number of spam and/or bot followers are worth less than accounts with highly engaged, trusting followers. If you are looking to advertise on twitter and you can't afford Promoted Tweets, follower numbers and quality are still the most important aspects of marketing on twitter.

Once a good looking and interesting video is produced, you can upload it in YouTube and the loads of other sites. Remember, when uploading the videos, again think of the community and link the videos that have the similar view point.

Videos that are optimized for search engines help the website get a good ranking. This form of viral marketing is a prestigious weapon for firms who want to make it big in the online world.

The first and foremost relevant tip in regards to Video SEO is choosing the suitable Target Keywords for your video. The use of only two to three keywords is the standard limit for each video. The target keywords used must point out accurately the idea of the video content. Use the chosen keywords wherever you want it to be - - - Page Title, Title Description, and Tags anywhere. Your video will be ranked higher for the same search terms when you choose suitable target keywords and optimizing your video to use them.

When you agree that the SEO traffic can be a game, shows your interest in playing it. Well, let us start learning it then. When you generally start to assume about the SEO traffic, you would have done a keyword research? Searched relevant forums? Blogs? Directories? Bookmark your pages? What not, everything that comes to your mind... so, how many of you have originally got a rank with these tactics? Stop here and think for a while.

''Hmm... We got some traffic, but not satisfactory traffic, not even positioning with my business keywords" is that your answer? Then, you are right. If you got a very good results after doing those tactics which are been followed since many years, you may end-up reading here. It's not for you.

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