Saturday, November 28, 2009

Branson’s Nantucket Helps Local Masonic Lodge with Donation

Branson’s Nantucket the premier lakefront resort helps local charity with donation for Local Freemason Lodge

Branson’s Nantucket has long been a supporter of many local and international charities including the Autism Society. Geoff Petters, operations manager for the lakeside resort proudly announced a new program they are supporting. “The owner and employees of Branson’s Nantucket are proud to support the Christmas basket program of Branson Lodge #587, the local Freemason fraternity. We have decided to donate one thousand dollars to this very worthy cause not just because the Masonic Lodge has always helped the less fortunate but also because the basket drive has happened and gotten bigger every year for more than twenty years to the direct benefit of local Branson families.”

Branson’s Nantucket was asked to support this worthy cause when owner Kevin Knasel, a Saint Louis businessman was asked to take part in local philanthropy. Mr. Knasel responded, “I have no problem supporting any program that makes certain families around the area not suffer this holiday season. Everyone at Branson’s Nantucket is thankful for the success that we have experienced and I can’t imagine a better gift than being able to help others less fortunate than ourselves. How good does it make you feel to know that you have helped deliver Christmas to a family who might not otherwise have experienced any joy this holiday season?”

According to Herb Terrill, past Master of the lodge, “The holiday gift basket is a large undertaking and the number of families in need has grown every year. All we do is try to deliver all the necessary ingredients for a happy, traditional holiday to as many families in need as possible. The packages include a turkey, sides, fruit, desert plus candy and toys for the children. These are people who are struggling to making ends meet and without our help they would simply not have a Christmas.” As Geoff Petter added, “It is truly our pleasure knowing that this donation will directly help families to have a real Christmas dinner with all the trimming and toys for the children. What could be better during this season of giving?”

Branson’s Nantucket holds their previews at their welcome center located at the entrance of Stormy Point Road anyone interested in attending can inquire within
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