Saturday, November 28, 2009

Branson’s Nantucket Kicks it into High Gear with Deeded Vacation Interests

Branson’s Nantucket Branson’s Premier lakefront resort will now be offering deeded vacation interests to its clientele.

Branson’s Nantucket has been the groundbreaker in fractional ownership in Branson with their state of the art luxury Lakefront vacation homes. Staying on the cutting edge of the vacation industry, Branson’s Nantucket will now offer deeded vacation interests. This means that consumers can purchase one, two or more weeks of vacation time depending on each individual’s needs.

Geoff Peters, operations manager for Branson’s Nantucket explained, “Deeded Interest in vacation homes first originated in Europe in the 50’s because European families traditionally travel one month a year. In order to make the vacation homes in Europe more affordable, a home would be sold to twelve families each receiving one month’s usage. Obviously, to the savvy investor, this option made more sense.

“Now instead of paying 100% of the cost and enjoying only 10% usage,” Petters goes on to explain “they could enjoy 100% of the usage at 10% of the cost. The sharing option simply makes more sense to the traveler looking for both quality and affordability. The concept in North America is still the same, but shorter time intervals were introduced specifically to suit the American traveler. The average family can now enjoy one, two or more weeks in luxurious resort residences such as Branson’s Nantucket each year at prices more affordable than motels.”

“Owners at Branson’s Nantucket will now also be affliated with Holiday Systems International (HSI) in order to accomodate our members alternative vacation needs“ Mr. Petter explained. “With cruises for example, HSI will quote a guaranteed lowest price Cruise and then they discount that Cruise even more so the cost is equal to the Maintenance Fee value of your week. No hidden gimmicks, no coupons, no points, no hoops to jump through, just another simple deal and honest added value for our members at Branson’s Nantucket.”

Branson’s Nantucket holds previews of their luxury resort every week from Monday through Saturday during regular business hours. Anyone interested in scheduling a tour of the property or purchasing one of their ownership programs may contact them directly.

Contact Info:
Branson's Nantucket
2837 State Hwy 265
Branson, MO 65616
phone 417-338-5006
fax 417-338-5002

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