Saturday, November 28, 2009

Branson’s Nantucket Resorts Announces Dedicated Pet Friendly Residences

Branson's Nantucket’s is a favorite spot for people enjoying a visit to Branson Missouri for their holidays. Branson’s Nantucket has grown to one of the finest and most luxurious resorts on the shores of Table Rock Lake. Over the last year, Branson’s Nantucket has introduced many new concepts and popularized fractional ownership in an area already satirized with timeshare resorts and budget hotels. The newest innovation they are introducing is pet friendly condos.

Branson, Missouri is a favorite tourist town and Branson’s Nantucket has become the talk of the town because of their new concepts. According to Geoff Petter, Operations Manager, “At Branson’s Nantucket we have already introduced many new amenities including private elevators in the residences, handicapped accessibilities and widow’s peaks high above Table Rock Lake us be seen as the most luxurious and desirable resort in Branson. The new pet friendly policy at the resort is simply the next new thing we are offering their owners.”

Branson’s Nantucket has announced their new stunning project will welcome pets and their owners as a way to help them feel better about spending their quality vacation time at Branson’s Nantucket. As Petter stated, “Pet owners that used to visit even though their pets were prohibited requested this change in our policy. For them to be able to bring their pets with them just increases the joy in their vacations that much more. Obviously, if we have owners willing to stay longer because they do not have to worry about their pets being left behind missing, it’s worth it to us to alleviate those fears.”

Petter went on to explain, “In the resort industry you can barely find a place where they allow pets. That is why Branson’s Nantucket has done a great job of listening to the needs of our members and introducing this policy.” Generally only budget motels and hotels were known to allow pets and the pet owners who want to stay in the nice resorts were simply out of luck. “Now that we have made it possible for them to stay at Branson’s Nantucket they are genuinely happy and feel like they can enjoy their vacation at Branson’s Nantucket with their whole family” according to Petter.

The pet friendly homes have two and three bedrooms and one can enjoy fantastic panoramas of Table Rock Lake from either. If you have a larger family there is also the option of a five bedroom unit. With Branson’s Nantucket it is all about your comfort. You will also be able to enjoy elegant furniture and appliances along with the beautiful views.

Branson's Nantucket has their welcome center at the entrance to stormy point road, and their welcome center is open Monday to Sunday to the public for viewing this magnificent project

Contact Info:
Branson's Nantucket
2837 State Hwy 265
Branson, MO 65616
phone 417-338-5006
fax 417-338-5002

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