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Brazilian gastronomy is worth exploring! – Insists Dehouche

Few gastronomical getaways are planned with Brazil in mind, yet a country which has wholeheartedly embraced a myriad of culinary influences over the centuries, has much to offer the foodie.

Pioneers of the genuinely tailor made holiday, Dehouche, base themselves in Rio where their international team rarely find themselves short of dining options. When you consider that Rio isn’t even ranked as the capital of dining in Brazil, (that award goes to São Paulo- after all they’ve got to win at something) you begin to have an idea of the wealth of choice on offer.

Thanks to its tropical climate, Brazil is home to innumerable types of tropical fruit, unbeknown to European eyes, which are laid out in all their colourful glory at every street market and juice bar. If the smell alone doesn’t tempt you, little will. Amongst Dehouche’s favourites have to be some of the amazon berries, such as açaí (these days becoming a regular on the Euromarket circuit) guaraná, another berry with energy giving properties which is often made into a drink, the sparkling version of which is more popular in Brazil than coca-cola. If your immune system needs boosting try acerola, another amazon berry which boasts more than thirty times as much vitamin C as an orange. Though almost martian in appearance, Dehouche also confess a special weakness for ‘fruta do conde’ (or fruit of the king) though more seed than fruit, it’s not recommended for a first date; however, once tried, this fragrant delicacy is difficult to forget.

Brazilians consider that many of these fruits are not yet sweet enough and add a generous helping of sugar when making juices, so be sure to advise if you’d prefer yours without. In Brazil sugar is added liberally in places you wouldn’t have thought possible. You might think avocado is for a salad, Brazilians mix it with milk and sugar to make a surprisingly tasty smoothie. Sweetcorn too is not just a savoury treat but is mixed with cream, cinnamon and of course sugar to make something altogether more interesting. Ask Dehouche where to find it.

If you’ve still got some teeth left in your mouth after all that, Dehouche additionally recommend you spare some time for paçoca (a melt in the mouth peanut sweet), canjica (a kind of rice pudding made with coconut milk, cloves and cinnamon) and bolo de rolo (the Le Nôtre of swiss rolls, a very fine affair of guava and other unmentionable ingredients) and under no circumstances (except perhaps diabetes) should you miss brigadeiro, a wickedly moreish chocolate and condensed milk confection. Once tried, life will be divided into life ‘before brigadeiro’ (BB) and ‘post brigadeiro’ (PB)

Despite the abundance of sugary fare, breakfast includes a generous helping of savoury goodness and if you’re lucky enough, some home made cheese bread. Sounds simple enough, but when Brazilians go abroad and say they’re ‘morrendo de saudades’ (dying of longing and sadness) it’s usually the cheese bread they’re referring to.

Thanks to the enormous length of Brazil’s coastline, sea food is in no short supply either and each region has a different way of serving it. In fact, there’s so much variation, it’s impossible to do justice to it on this page, but ask Dehouche to organise your luxury holiday in Brazil and they’ll share their ample footnotes with you to ensure you do everything possible to please your palate.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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