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Salvador Carnival, A Fabulous Experience When Done Right - Instructs Dehouche

Carnival may be Brazil’s biggest export and the first point of reference for most is Rio, whose carnival celebrations have become internationally synonymous with Brazilian culture. Yet carnival is celebrated throughout Brazil in many different guises and has been since its conception. If you want to know where else in Brazil hosts parties worth procuring an invitation to, why not talk to Dehouche travel. Dehouche are based in Rio and as well as being loyal fans of the marvelous city are ardent lovers of travel themselves, constantly traversing the enormous landscape which is Brazil and well versed in celebrating carnival wherever they happen to find themselves; thus making them expertly positioned to recommend alternative destinations.

The Bahian city of Salvador in North East Brazil is quickly gaining a name for itself on the international circuit as a contender for Rio’s carnival crown and if the African inspired rhythms of the North East excite you, read on. Salvador’s carnival has in fact become so well known throughout Brazil that it has become a little commercialized in recent years, dominated by certain stars of the Axe brand and with ticket prices rising beyond the reach of many of its residents.

Yet there’s a not so silent revolt taking place amongst the city’s backstreets and Dehouche can tell you not only where to find it, but how to get right to the heart of it. ‘Olodum’ the most successful and enduring ‘bloco-afro’, draw on a myriad of African influences and their mix of samba, merengue, salsa and reggae gained itself the name of ‘samba reggae’. Olodum initially emerged as a cultural project, aiming to combat racism and give voice to a marginalized sector of Brazilian society, and have since helped to inspire the creation of many similar groups throughout Brazil.

The group won themselves international recognition after recordings with both Paul Simon and Michael Jackson and is these days’ active participants on Salvador’s alternative carnival circuit; with Dehouche, you too can be a participant and get dangerously close to the infectious percussion. Dehouche can give you exclusive access to Olodum’s carnival float, so you can not just admire the carnival procession, but be a very part of it.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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