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Petropolis, Just A Short Drive from Rio De Janeiro – Avers Dehouche

For many, the first and perhaps even the only destination in Brazil is the city of Rio de Janeiro, famous worldwide for its carnival, glamorous beaches, legendary football stadium and charming residents. However, few realise that Rio also lends its name to the coastal state in which the city lies and that there are many other destinations both on the coast and inland, equally worth discovering.

Dehouche , who are based in Rio and offer tailor made luxury holidays to Brazil and Argentina, like to follow the example of Rio’s elite and take to the hills at the weekends, in search of fresh mountain air and the rare opportunity to wear a jumper.

The nearby city of Petropolis was at one time the state capital and summer residence of the Brazilian emperors and aristocracy, whose architectural legacy remains well preserved to this day. Such is its proximity to Rio Petropolis can in fact be very easily visited for the day and makes an ideal excursion when the heat of today’s state capital becomes stifling.

In addition to its colonial heritage, Petropolis is these days celebrated for its excellent restaurants. It’s worth asking Dehouche not only for a list of the best addresses, but also for the dates of the next gastronomic festival the city annually plays host to. In addition to its culinary delights, Petropolis is also known for its locally produced beer ‘Itaipava’; in keeping, the neighbourhood of Itaipava offers the liveliest beer fuelled nightlife, though it’s still all very refined. Nevertheless, for couples and honeymooners in search of a little more peace, Dehouche can tell you where to find it.

The setting of the city couldn’t be more picturesque, surrounded by dramatic peaks and for those who feel the inclination there are also numerous outdoor activities on offer in the nearby national park of ‘Serra dos Órgãos’. Ask Dehouche for the best time to visit depending on your interests as temperatures here vary a great deal more than down on the coast below. If that all sounds a bit energetic, then simply soak up the grandeur of another era, amble down cobbled streets to the sound of live music and admire unrivalled views of the mountains which envelop the city; you’d be forgiven for forgetting altogether that the frenetic pace of city life is just a few hours descent away.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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