Monday, June 21, 2010

Surfs Up - On Honeymoon In Brazil

Considering Brazil is blessed with some 7000km of coastline and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, the thought of spending your entire holiday in a horizontal position may be a tempting one; yet when the thermometers hit 40 degrees it’s difficult to resist the pull of the ocean.

Nevertheless, with surf school after windsurfing school after surf school lined up along some beaches, it can get confusing. Fortunately, locally based luxury travel experts Dehouche are on hand to point you in the right direction when you feel the need to cool off. Take a tailor made trip with Dehouche and they can advise you on how best to take advantage of some of the clearest waters, not to mention impressive waves that grace many of these beaches.

Surfing may have only arrived in Brazil in the 50s, but in a country where the majority of the inhabitants are concentrated along the coast, it rapidly became an integral part of the culture. To the uninitiated, the waves here may at first sight seem ferocious and passing them even as a swimmer requires a certain lack of regard for the sanctity of human life. Passing them with a board is an even greater challenge, but there’s no need to struggle alone; Dehouche’s English speaking local contacts will not only get you past the waves, but up on the board in no time, even wagering a case of beer on the prospect. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Dehouche can tell you both where the surfing hotspots are and the best time to visit.

Still not persuaded? If that all sounds a bit radical, then perhaps snorkelling or diving hold greater appeal. Ask Dehouche to help you arrange equipment hire and they’ll share with you Brazil’s top destinations that combine crystal clear waters and a wealth of marine life.

Of course, if you can’t decide between the two and fancy observing marine life whilst surfing, then Dehouche can also arrange this. Not yet heard of underwater surfing? Originally developed for scientific observation, this new sport has been gaining momentum in recent years and offers a more gentle way to surf, allowing you to gaze at the ocean floor as you ride your submerged magic carpet. Whatever activity entices you, Dehouche can make it happen.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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