Sunday, June 20, 2010

Buzios A Great Spot If You Have The Inside Track! – Says Dehouche

Buzios the St-Tropez of South America, the Brazilian fishing village where famously Brigitte Bardot escaped to back in the 60’s has over the last 50 years been the obvious choice for those coming to Rio who want to get away from the city without straying too far off the beaten track. Dehouche a luxury tailor made outfitter based in Rio whose market are the well healed discerning traveler from Europe and America keen to get under the skin of South America and away from international resorts and chain hotels have always been a little wary of Buzios, yes it’s a great spot for a weekend out of Rio but is it really worth a 9 or 10 hour international flight to get to?

The answer is of course yes, with the proviso that you have to know what you’re doing. In Buzios it’s easy to get unwittingly sucked into overpriced hotels of questionable quality and shops and restaurants that are there purely for tourism dollars and not servicing the locals. But don’t let this put you off Buzios is stunning and with a little insider knowledge can be one of the most enjoyable locations to visit in Brazil, the village is on a peninsular rimmed by no less than 23 gorgeous beaches the hills in the middle have spectacular views out to sea and along the beaches. Due to its proximity to Rio this is a Carioca weekend hang out and so the village can support some lovely boutique shops and restaurants most of which serve up wonderfully fresh seafood as you would expect. Book your trip to Buzios through Dehouche as part of your larger Brazil itinerary and you will have free access to their 24 hour concierge service – get them to organise you with a beach buggy which is the best way of touring around and finding your favourite of the 23 beaches.

In the summer months Dehouche charter their own helicopter, so getting to and from Buzios becomes a lot easier, fun even, especially if you wish to travel a little further than Rio, Angra dos Reis for example, direct from Buzios in the Dehouche helicopter is only 40 minutes compared to a rather tedious 5 hours by road and the costs are similar so no need to suffer road torture. Dehouche recommend a number of boutique hotels and private beach villas in Buzios and get very favorable rates which they pass on direct to their lucky clients!

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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