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Food obsessed, does it show? - Queries Dehouche

There’s long been a show of mutual cultural admiration between France and Brazil and though the latter has always been principally celebrated for its music, its reputation as a retreat for the ‘gourmandise’ is beginning to grow in strength.

Sao Paulo may hold the title as the most cosmopolitan of Brazil’s cities, with an impressive range of dining options to suit; however Rio also has something to offer the more discerning palate and for those on honeymoon, is absolutely spoilt with beautiful sunset views to linger over.

Dehouche have been providing luxury tailor made holidays to Brazil since 2003 and have made Rio their home and base; seven years of dining out here stands them in good stead when it comes to choosing a restaurant. Dehouche not only know the city inside out, but their love of food and dedication to the pursuit of pleasure means this knowledge is also kept up to the minute, unlike any paper publication.

Since the colonisation of Brazil, the cuisine of Rio has unreservedly embraced a wide range of culinary influences, the principal ingredients being the traditions of Brazil’s indigenous, the Portuguese and the Africans they brought with them as slaves. These culinary traditions have been blended together and seasoned with a little German and Italian spice to create what is contemporary Rio cuisine today.

In addition to this rich culinary heritage, Rio’s spectacular geographical setting means it’s also possible to enjoy dinner whilst enjoying breathtaking views of the ocean and rainforest covered peaks which grace this city. Nevertheless, in the city itself, it’s hard to find a restaurant with a position elevated enough to fully appreciate this. Talk to Dehouche however and they can recommend restaurants which boast just this and are perfect for dining à deux.

Dehouche can also help you to escape the city, taking you on a drive beyond the usual tourist haunts to an exclusive boutique hotel, where the hotel’s owner and chef can prepare a meal especially for you as you relax on the terrace and admire the sunset over the cityscape you’ve just left behind.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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