Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bin the guide book! - All clients have a free concierge service across South America with Dehouche

From the worldwide rendered lyrics of Samba and its smooth sister Bossa Nova, to the frenetic rhythms of Maracatú and Frevo, music has to be one of Brazil’s biggest cultural exports. If you’re planning a vacation or honeymoon in Brazil, it’s likely you’ll want to take advantage of at least one live performance during your visit to this vibrant country.

However, finding up to date listings information is not as easy as you might think, especially if like many, you don’t speak Portuguese. In a country where venues fall in and out of favour as often as the soap stars change their outfits, a guidebook just won’t cut it. There may be up to date websites and listings magazines published weekly, but as yet there is nothing which caters to the international tourist, that is to say, nothing in English.

So instead of wasting hours typing ‘querida por jovens e velhos, gente simples, moderninhos, morro e asfalto, subúrbio e zona sul’ into google translator and trying to work out which of the above you are, ask luxury travel specialists Dehouche to help you organise your holiday as they provide lucky clients travelling with them in Brazil all the up to date information on whats on in each location over the dates their around – brilliant! Whether it’s a Samba show or a Baile Funk that makes you want to put on your dancing shoes, Dehouche can tell you exactly what’s on offer for the nights you’ll be in each particular destination you choose to visit.

Dehouche are based in Brazil themselves and can tell you about their personal favourite places to hear new sounds, learn new moves and soak up the atmosphere of an altogether different culture, where dancing with abandon is by no means confined to the bedroom. That said, if you’d rather leave the samba to the sambistas and prefer to find somewhere you can grab a table and a beer and simply marvel at the innate talent of these people, Dehouche also know just the place. So if you want to spend less time trawling the internet and more time enjoying the best your chosen destination has to offer, your tailor made luxury holiday or Brazil Honeymoon with Dehouche is just a phone call away.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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