Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Marvellous Rio has order and progress!

It may be known as ‘A Cidade Maravilhosa’ (The Marvellous city) to its residents, but Rio de Janeiro has long suffered from bad press, both nationally and internationally.

The loss of status as the nation’s capital to purpose built Brasilia in 1960 led to a decline in confidence, coupled with an increase in destruction of the once splendid surrounding natural environment. The once glamorous capital seemed to be entering a downward spiral and this did not go unnoticed abroad. Rio started hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Nevertheless, Rio never stopped attracting international visitors and several years ago luxury travel experts Dehouche made Rio their home, seeing a city of world beating beauty and many clear reasons to be optimistic about the city’s future.

Certainly, on October 2nd 2009 the city entered a new phase in it’s development as a loud roar even greater than that during a football cup final, swept through the city shaking the Dehouche office with the announcement that the underdog Rio, would in fact play host to the Olympics 2016. Soon after followed a flood of promises from the government; the city would be cleaned up; there would be investments in infrastructure.

Though the ‘Cariocas’ Rio’s residents may be the butt of national jokes; more often than not it’s the Cariocas themselves who are making the jokes, lamenting the perceived deficiencies of their city. Perhaps it’s not surprising then that many of these jaded residents were quick to dismiss these as yet more empty promises. However, with the long awaited opening of new metro stations, work beginning on the revitalisation of Rio’s port and fish swimming in the lagoon once more, some are beginning to be persuaded that perhaps there will be lasting changes this time.

As Rio residents themselves, Dehouche are excited about the positive effects on the city and they are not alone. According to a recent survey commissioned by ‘Veja’ magazine, ‘Cariocas’ are more optimistic than ever about the future of their city and this is thanks to seeing these promises gradually being fulfilled. Life for residents in the favelas of Rio’s zona sul is certainly changing, with the installation of police units and a general clean up taking place.

On the 1st of March Rio was 445 years old and its maturity gives reason to celebrate. With so many changes abreast and a sense of promise in the air, Dehouche will tell you there hasn’t been a better time to visit this city and indeed bookings for their tailor made luxury family holidays and Honeymoons in Brazil were on the increase right through the economic gloom of 2009 up on every year and up again in Q1 2010 – Rio is on the rise and this time for good!

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