Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Joy of Rio's far flung beaches! Explains Dehouche

The perfect curve of Copacabana beach is one of Rio’s most famous landmarks, closely followed by the daily applauded (quite literally) sunset over the Dois Irmãos, as seen from Arpoador. Luxury travel specialists Dehouche who are based in Rio are no strangers to these beaches, yet suggest that if you have a little more time in Rio, there are other beaches well worth coating yourself in factor 30 for.

Venture beyond Zona Sul and out towards the never ending stretch of white sand that is Barra, where Rio’s nouveau riche play amongst the kite surfers. Continue past the beaches of Recreio and Macumba, beloved of the ‘surfista’ until the high rise apartment bocks finally give way to Atlantic rainforest, covering the impressive peaks that now rise up from the ocean. Follow the winding coastal road with the dramatic mountains looming above you and as you round the bend the small cove of ‘Prainha’ or ‘Little beach’ finally comes into view.

Dehouche are firm believers that Prainha’s stunning natural setting is well worth the drive and defy you not to be awed by the scene which presents itself before you. The waves too are fittingly wild and Prainha is something of a Mecca for Rio’s surfers. Despite its more remote location, Prainha has a devoted crowd of Bohemian sun worshippers who on sunny weekends descend to soak up its splendor and rustic appeal, but it’s still a tranquil haven compared to Ipanema’s posto 9 and the people are just as beautiful.

If you’re looking for an unspoilt and deserted beach however, Dehouche suggest you keep driving. Continue along the mountain road and you will eventually reach the larger expanse of Grumari. This is still a popular spot, but thanks to the smooth large rocks that are a feature of the beach here, the sea forms natural lagoon like swimming pools which are enjoyed by bathers who want to take advantage of the clean, clear, crystal waters, without being knocked over by those huge waves.

After the exertion of playing in those waves (or simply turning over in the sun) Dehouche recommend continuing on to Barra de Guaratiba and the excellent restaurant of ‘Bira’ whose privileged location affords it unrivalled views of the bay. Appropriately, Bira serves traditional and tasty Brazilian seafood dishes, though Dehouche can also vouch for the caipirinhas and ‘pasteis’ (delicious deep fried crisp parcels of meat, fish or cheese) should you find yourself waiting for a table at the bar in this popular post beach haunt.

Before heading home, don’t forget to stop in at the country retreat of landscape architect Burle Marx, located not far from the restaurant. Admire the 365,000m2 collections of 3,500 species of tropical plants, before visiting the studio and former home of the late artist. At the end of a difficult day, let your Dehouche driver take you back to the comforts of your boutique hotel, as you ponder schemes of how you, like Dehouche’s founders, can make Rio your year round home.Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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