Monday, March 15, 2010

Who To Book Your Luxury Vacation To Latin America With?

Since the birth of the package holiday in the mid 19th century, the travel industry has seen some peaks and troughs, but overall, has basically burgeoned and then mutated almost beyond all recognition. The first appearance of travel guides in the 1970s saw a growing move towards independent travel whose popularity has done little to dwindle, but what if you could combine the best of both worlds? That is, what if you could have the freedom to design your own holiday and yet not have to spend hours comparing flights and reading through review after online review of different hotels? What if there were a company who would could help you create your own specialized holiday by marrying your wishes with their inside knowledge of your chosen destination? Since 2003 Dehouche’s international team based in South America have been doing just this day in day out making sure clients get right to the heart of the matter, direct to the hidden gems of the Latin American continent.

But surely this must be more expensive? One of the main motivations for independent travel is not just the freedom it affords you, but the money it can save you by cutting out the middle man. What may come as a surprise, however, is that letting Dehouche organise your tailor made itinerary in Latin America will actually save you money. A British run travel agency, Dehouche provide holidays for an international client base, but as they are based in Brazil themselves, are able to offer more competitive rates than if you were to contact the hotels directly, find the best villas, engage the best guides and drivers etc.. So why waste your time struggling with dropped internet calls to unworthy guest houses when you can simply call Dehouche who can not only book you that off the beaten track boutique hotel or private villa or even their own Penthouse apartment in Rio and Buenos Aires and all for the best value possible, they can also make sure you stay in their favourite room and that your local guide and driver most of whom work exclusively for Dehouche know all your likes and dislikes before you even arrive. Even if you got lucky and got all the right elements it would still work out about 15% more expensive than going direct with Dehouche.

And should you do the really crazy thing and go down the street to your local travel agent to book the trip (how very last century...) then don’t be surprised if things start to go wrong and cost a good bit more. Let me explain the new model, Dehouche, a local firm pays local negotiated prices and unlike it’s competitors it doesn’t have to fund expensive offices in New York or London (which are of course added to their itinerary costs), and importantly they cut out the middleman Dehouche actually operates all its trips itself, its operations team is based in the same office as the destination experts that create the trips, in the Rio office – of course travel agents based outside Latin America have to employ a local ground operator to book and then operate their trips, and these guys cost good money and don’t have the same idea of quality!

So if you’re looking for ways to save money on your luxury vacation to Brazil, Argentina, Colombia or indeed any other country in South America, don’t waste your precious time trawling price comparison websites, talk to Dehouche in Rio on their toll free number, it’s that simple!

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

Dehouche S.A.,
Rio de Janeiro,

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