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The many attractions of a luxury vacation in Brazil

Dehouche, a British run travel company that specializes in getting discerning clients under the skin of South America be it a family holiday in Peru or a romantic Honeymoon in Argentina asked 500 of it’s recent clients what was the number one attraction of Brazil and found out that surprisingly it wasn’t beaches or fun loving people or natural landscapes or tourist attraction sites... it was in fact good food.

So Does this mean that Brazil doesn’t have nice beaches or that the people aren’t fun loving and that there is nothing for the tourist to see and do? Of course not in fact all these things scored in the top 5 of the list it’s just that food was seemingly most important to luxury travellers and Honeymooners and perhaps surprised as to just how fabulous the cuisine of Brazil actually is.

However let’s not dwell on the fabulous seafood, meat and fruits of Brazil and look a little closer at number 4 on the list; the ‘attractions or sights of Brazil’ as a great many were listed by Dehouche clients (now back at home and dreaming of Brazil no doubt) here are a few of the most popular -

The Baroque splendour of Minas Gerais, Dehouche steer clients away from the more touristy town of Ouro Preto and focus on smaller more off track locations particularly the villages of Congonhas and Tiradentes which are a maze of cobbled streets and wonderful Basilica’s. Both families and Honeymooners seem to love this location to experience the culture and history of a different era and all set in amongst gorgeous rolling hills great for long walks.

Christ the redeemer in Rio de Janeiro as one might expect featured very strongly in must do attractions and got a bigger thumbs up than its competitor the mighty Sugar Loaf. Dehouche clients receive a fast track entrance past the tourists waiting in the 2 hour line to get up the hill – that’s the benefit of local contacts (Dehouche are based in Rio) the view from the top is simply breathtaking.

Beaches (well they had to feature) in Brazil are plentiful and varied from studded palm backdrops to thick virgin rainforests Brazil has it all, two favourites amongst the many were Praia Lopes Mendes on Ilha Grande and Espelho in southern Baiha – the first is accessed by speedboat or helicopter direct from Rio (Dehouche organise this with a lobster BBQ thrown in) the second is reached by beach buggy from the idyllic village of Trancoso a spot favoured by Dehouche Honeymoon clients.

The sand plains of Lencois Maranhenses is a spectacular area of sand banks and blue water in the valleys a massive flood plain that is breathtaking to fly over in a light aircraft – Dehouche can organize this as part of a very adventurous tour of far flung villages and beaches in the remote North East of Brazil at one point you perform your own hotel transfer by quad bike!

Salvador the capital city of Bahia and formerly of Brazil features highly on the list, Dehouche recommends a 2-3 night stay here and a tour of the old historic centre with their guide Gabriella who knows all the secrets of this stunning and vibrant town. Think architecture, beer and samba beats...

Iguacu falls in the South of Brazil was the number one must see of the natural attractions of Brazil on the list it seems that Dehouche clients even go back on second and third trips to Brazil – it’s not any old waterfall you know, it’s the most voluminous on the planet in terms of water, oh and the most spectacular! A real hit with families and Dehouche recommend highly especially for itineraries combined with Argentina.

So yes the food of Brazil is very good but don’t spend all your time in a restaurant get out and take in the sites!

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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