Friday, March 12, 2010

Washed out in Rio? Pick up the phone!

Think of Rio and you probably think of days of endless blue skies, taking refuge from the blisteringly hot sun beneath your parasol, whilst you sip on refreshingly cool coconut water.

Imagine your surprise then when you arrive on you sumptuous hotel at the start of your perfect honeymoon in Brazil and you are greeted not by sunshine but a torrential downpour – it is a tropical country you remind yourself, but still this is almost inexcusable. Fear not, luxury travel specialists Dehouche will come to the rescue! Dehouche have been based in Rio for a few years now and they can tell you that though Rio enjoys an extremely generous number of sunny days per year, it is by no means immune to a rainy one. If you’re truly unfortunate, you may find that one of the days you choose to spend in Rio, is one such day.

It’s easy to feel disillusioned when you wake up to see the view from your balcony all but obliterated by low hanging grey cloud. What on earth did you leave home for and what is there to do in a city where life revolves around the outdoors; from sashaying up and down the beachfront in your sexiest outerwear, to scaling plinths of rocks in search of the stunning views this city can afford. (On a clear day).

Take a tailor made trip with Dehouche however and you won’t find yourself short of inspiration on such a day. If you wake up on rainy morning and can’t find the 20 pages of tips they sent you before your holiday, you can simply call your Dehouche concierge (free and exclusive to Dehouche clients) for suggestions and they’ll be happy to assist. Whether that means rescheduling your helicopter flight and booking a massage at one of the city’s most exclusive spas or providing up to date listings for Rio’s many cultural centers, Dehouche are just a phone call away. Need last minute lunch reservation? Phone Dehouche and they’ll book you their favorite table. Decide to leave the sunset views from Pão de Açúcar for another day and want to know where Rio’s latest Samba sensation is playing instead? Do we need to tell you who to call?

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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