Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rio de Janeiro, the world's most romantic city in the world!

Those proud Parisians may claim that Paris is the most romantic city in the world and the Italians may long have insisted on being the world’s greatest lovers, offering up the undeniably charming Venice as a contender for the very same title. Nevertheless, it’s time to acknowledge that both of these cities have a new challenger to deal with: nicknamed the ‘marvellous city’, blessed with stunning natural scenery and an even more breathtaking sunset view for each day of your honeymoon, Rio de Janeiro is today the new ascendant to the throne.

Recent years have seen a surge in luxury tourism in this city; no one can have failed to notice the opening of ‘Fasano’ in 2007, today the celebrities’ choice over and above the once legendary ‘Copacabana Palace’. However, if you want to do more than scratch the surface of this city then contact locally based luxury travel specialists ‘Dehouche’ who can help you make a reservation at one of a selection of boutique hotels dotted around the city, that may be a little more off the beaten track.

Dehouche began a love affair with Rio many years ago and few visitors to the city escape being seduced by the charms of this captivating place; with year round summer weather, little need to ever wear more than a pair of ‘Havaianas’ and a t-shirt (ok maybe a pair of shorts or some swimwear too) Rio is a city where you can forget city woes. No wonder those residents of São Paulo are so jealous.

Marvel at the panoramic views from Corcovado; sigh as you watch the sunset from Pão de Açúcar whilst you enjoy another intoxicating, yet incredibly moreish, ‘Caipirinha’; stroll along the famous beachside walkway with it’s unmistakeable curvaceous black and white design, seemingly mirroring the shape of the mountains above and settle down on Arpoador rock to enjoy yet another unsurpassable sunset over the ‘Dois Irmãos’. Rio is a city to both fall in love with and fall in love in, again and again and again. Reservations and inhibitions can be left at home; public displays of affection here are as common as days of endless blue skies. Ask Dehouche to organise your tailor made honeymoon in Brazil and make a stop in what is today, the world’s most romantic city.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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