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Bring your dancing shoes on your vacation or honeymoon in Latin America!

No one could accuse Latin Americans of not knowing how to throw a party and the incredible divergence of cultures that meet on the continent of South America means that at almost any given time of the year, there’s a very good reason to celebrate, how wonderfully convenient! Invitations generally aren’t necessary, so if you want to be part of the festivities, try talking to luxury travel experts Dehouche who are based in Latin America themselves. They’re no strangers to the party scene (well, you have to adapt to the culture of the country you choose to live in after all) and are ideally placed to advise you on where to visit and when, depending on your taste.

The image of carnival queens sashaying through the sambodrome in downtown Rio has to be one of the scenes most commonly associated with Brazil and there’s no doubt that this holiday before lent (technically one day, but generally stretched into one week) is a time to forget social norms in the pursuit of pleasure. However, the wild extravagance and general debauchery that abound in the mêlée that is carnival is not to everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for something a little more refined, Dehouche have the inside info on other celebrations that receive less international attention, fewer attendees and don’t involve quite the same consumption of alcohol. Or so the story goes.

Winter in Brazil sees the arrival of yet another reason to don crazy costumes, dance with abandon and generally indulge in good things. At first sight, Festa Junina seems to resemble a sort of harvest festival, but it’s also a celebration of rural life, so black out your teeth and get your straw hats at the ready, it’s all in good spirit. Many Brazilians organize their own Festa Junina at home, but there are also many held for the public and its foodie heaven. Both the food and the music are a reflection of that typical in the North East, with which Festa Junina is most closely associated. Dehouche recommend the decay inducing treats of Paçoca and Canjica for starters. Once you’ve nibbled on these, grab yourself a ‘batida de amendoim’ (alcoholic peanut drink) grab yourself a partner and get stuck into the quadrilha (Brazilian square dance)

For those year round party seekers, Dehouche suggest heading to Argentina post Brazilian carnival in anticipation of Argentina’s answer to the aforementioned world famous festival. ‘Vendimia’ is a sort of Argentinean Carnival with a splash of France’s vendanges thrown in for good measure (no denying the European influence in Argentina), a celebration of wine and wine making occurring in the Mendoza province of Argentina which sees many artists and performers, not to mention tourists, flock to the region to watch parades of dancers perform in the street. The defining ingredient is perhaps the beauty pageant element as these parades are led by ‘queens’ who represent the individual departments and compete for the ultimate title of ‘National Vendimia queen’; a concerted effort from Argentina to steal the kitsch crown from the head of Brazil’s carnival queen.

Of course, this is just a mere taste, for more ideas talk to Dehouche who can help you arrange a tailor made holiday taking in as little or as much party action as you prefer.

Let Dehouche arrange your luxury boutique hotel and enjoy a whole host of insider tips on where to truly escape from it all on your honeymoon.

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